Wednesday, May 18, 2011

प्रेम - New poem

प्रेम म्हणजे काय असतं हे कोणालाच माहित नसतं
Discussions झालीयेत भरपूर पण Conclusion मात्र मिळत नसतं 
कळूनही ते वळत नसतं आणि असूनही दिसत नसतं 
डोक्यात मात्र नेहमीच एक प्रकारच confusion असतं 
To be or not to be तर नेहमीचंच असतं 
I do and I don't हि नेहमीच Apply होत नसतं 
कारण ते Boolean logic नसून Fuzzy logic असतं 
Plans आणि Algorithms च ते जंजाळ नसतं 
पण ते Design problem with addition of possible assumption असतं 
Complexity किंवा Reliability चा Formula नेहमी Dynamic च असतो
त्यामुळेच ते कधी Pass तर कधी Fail होत असतं 
पण मनाच्या एका कोपऱ्यात ते नेहमीच जिवंत असतं 
final destination पर्यंत जगण्याच ते एकमेव कारण असतं 

(C) Avanti Patil 2011 - 2015

Monday, August 3, 2009

Engineer's perspective!

[Dedicated to : All my friends who are engineers and also those who aren't ]

When people think about a "Knapsack"

they probably think about a school bag
or a bag fully packed for trekking n hiking on mountains
and lots of happiness... and memories related to it..

But when it comes to an engineer ...
well then we think about freaky algorithms
especially from data structure ... :D 
and our first expression is like yikes
[see how boring we engineers are... he he]

another thing is our very own "C"

whenever people think about C..
most probably they do remained their first nursery class
where they studied A,B and C ;)

and at the other hand we people ..
first of all we remember
our very special n loved one " ; " ..
yeah that's a semicolon .. ha ha..
n our stupid programs which got stuck because of " ; " [semicolon]
Ah its damn funny at this stage :D 

and one more particular example ... "Index"
Normal people knows only one index
which is on the first page of notebooks
which they always kept empty... lol...

but think about it guys..
what a big mess was that !!! ...
Database management System..
creating an Index n all..
[Ah now u got it.. *wink*]

You can add on your own here below.. Enjoy

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Expression u have never expressed... !!!

Well u might be thinking tht wht i want to talk abt..but this the topic which ..i cant express like...for example..

Expressions you have never expressed !!!

Memories of the first rain shower you took...
(Heart touchy moment.. :-)
Mom’s reaction when her boy tells that he is a cook...
(only 4 rhyming purpose he he ... :D )
Hmmm...  When u dream that u can also fly...
(Well soon your dream will cum true :P)
And first time u see a sparkling butterfly...
(haye wo bachpan ke sapne... )
when u see 2 eyes looking at u In the dark night...
(Sounds horrible no??)
and then u realize that its car's headlight..
(how crazy!!! :P)
The first time you see the sea shore...
(Nature is the only beautiful thing in the world.. )
your feeling when u eat a grape which is sour..
(This one also rhymes.. he he kidding.. )
Think about the mad thing u ever did..
and when u help a little poor kid...
(This is the best feeling.. )
List goes on.. and on...
But expressions will seek a place in your heart :)