Saturday, July 4, 2009

Expression u have never expressed... !!!

Well u might be thinking tht wht i want to talk abt..but this the topic which ..i cant express like...for example..

Expressions you have never expressed !!!

Memories of the first rain shower you took...
(Heart touchy moment.. :-)
Mom’s reaction when her boy tells that he is a cook...
(only 4 rhyming purpose he he ... :D )
Hmmm...  When u dream that u can also fly...
(Well soon your dream will cum true :P)
And first time u see a sparkling butterfly...
(haye wo bachpan ke sapne... )
when u see 2 eyes looking at u In the dark night...
(Sounds horrible no??)
and then u realize that its car's headlight..
(how crazy!!! :P)
The first time you see the sea shore...
(Nature is the only beautiful thing in the world.. )
your feeling when u eat a grape which is sour..
(This one also rhymes.. he he kidding.. )
Think about the mad thing u ever did..
and when u help a little poor kid...
(This is the best feeling.. )
List goes on.. and on...
But expressions will seek a place in your heart :)


  1. its really awesome...good work frnd..........:)

  2. nice move.......i've one mine at but never got a topic 2 write on......
    ....keep it up..........nice blogging

  3. y did u stop yar?
    there sitl r many sauch wonderful moments........go on writin gal,its grrrrrrrrr8 fun

  4. it was d poem i just read
    gave me d joy i always need

    remembering thoes moments made me happy...
    as if someone gave me "jadu ki zappi.."

    you write good,you always rock..
    wish u success on life's every walk...

    very nice poem....good..!

  5. hey thanks a bunch !!!
    n must say ur poem is also pretty good re...

  6. we share,we care,we celebrate we fight;
    never knew so beautifully u could write!